Lupe Valdez Wants to Raise Your Property Taxes, but Didn’t Pay Her Own

Valdez Wants To Allow Local Property Taxes To Be Raised Without Voter Approval. “With regard to local property taxes, Valdez said she would allow local officials to raise them without voter approval.” (Peggy Fikac, “Democratic Candidate Lupe Valdez Open To Tax Increase If Elected Governor,” San Antonio Express-News, 1/18/18)

This Year Valdez Owed Nearly $22,000 In Overdue Property Taxes. “Democratic gubernatorial candidate Lupe Valdez has finished paying nearly $22,000 in back property taxes for 2017, ahead of the July 1 deadline when they would have been listed as delinquent and subject to collection.” (Jonathan Tilove, “Lupe Valdez Pays The Rest Of The Back Property Taxes She Owed,” Austin American-Statesman, 6/25/18)